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Using secure Multi Network Connectivity for precision drones.

Cornish Engineering Surveys Ltd (CES) offers a variety of surveying services, including 3D laser scanning surveys, drone surveys and inspections, boundary surveys, topographical land & volumetric surveys.

These services are tailored to provide precise, detailed, and high-quality results, leveraging the latest technology to meet diverse project requirements.


CES's diverse range of surveying services heavily relies on data connections for remote operations, including Real Time Kinematic GPS observations, positional corrections to drone flights, transfer of crucial files to and from the office whilst out on site surveying and remote support for our survey equipment.

“We need a robust and uninterrupted connectivity to support field loggers, drones and GPS”


·       Implementation of Multi-Network SIMs: CES partnered with Lister Unified Communications to deploy multi-network SIMs across its operations.

·       Network Integration: These SIMs were integrated into various devices, enabling seamless data transfer and remote operations.

“The support and service we have had from Lister has been excellent”


·       Enhanced RTK Positioning: Reliable and consistent data connections improved Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning for surveying accuracy.

·       Improved Device Connectivity: All devices, including drones and loggers, were interconnected, allowing for efficient data sharing and remote management.

·       Operational Efficiency: The robust connectivity solution facilitated uninterrupted field operations, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.


The partnership with Lister Unified Communications has significantly upgraded CES's operational capabilities, underlining the importance of reliable data connections in modern surveying.

Andrew George commented:

“Lister Communications share our values of quality and service. Virtually everything we now offer requires a quality data connection. Our partnership with Lister Communications has enabled us to confidently quote on work knowing that a working data link will be there when we arrive on site. From remote support for our data loggers to connecting our surveying equipment, no matter where we are. The support and service we have had from Lister has been excellent and I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone. It just works!

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