Akixi Insights - Free 2 Month Trial to Analyse your Calls

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August 11, 2022
Akixi Insights - Free 2 Month Trial to Analyse your Calls

Akixi have just launched 'Insights' with a Free 2 Month Trial available to all existing and new Gamma Horizon customers.

This is a new entry-level call analytics application that can really support you to make the most of your Gamma Horizon Cloud phone system. Providing real-time, actionable insights for your calls to help you maximise revenue and productivity. If you believe Every Call Counts, whether it’s the start of a sales conversation, or the chance to generate customer loyalty through great service, every interaction is a potential opportunity for your business, then this is an ideal way to make informed decisions such as having the right number of people in the right place at the right time to handle your calls, recapture lost calls, as well as track employee activity at the office, home or hybrid world.

See your company’s key real-time events on a dashboard, which incorporate inbound calls, inbound calls abandoned, average answer time, average abandon time as well as 6 'out-of-the-box' reports to help your business increase productivity, recapture lost callers, service more customers, call overviews, see today's call log, know what's happening today.

This is low-cost, easy to set-up, has no upfront fees and comes as a monthly subscription with 1 x Site License, 1 x Supervisor License and monitors all extensions.

This is currently available on a Free 2 Month Trial and a bespoke customer report after month one to show you the ROI benefits.

Please contact your Account Manager, call the sales team on 01453 829200 or email us at hello@lister-communications.co.uk for more information and a Free Trial.

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