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October 14, 2022
Mobile devices are often overlooked as a cyber security vulnerability by businesses. Have you thought of options for managing the risk, without invading employee privacy?

Lister's latest App fromthe Expert, Trustd Mobile Security, is a ground-breaking Mobile Threat Defenceplatform that gives IT teams direct insight into the threats affectingemployees mobile devices.

It combines the Trustdapp that protects Android and iOS devices and the cloud-based dashboard thatprovides immediate visibility and analysis of mobile-borne threats.

You can deploy Trustd asa standalone MTD, or integrate with an EMM such as Microsoft Intune.

Mobile-borne threats rose 1,400 per cent between 2016 and 2020 and with mobile phones and tablets now used for a mix of personal and business activity, they are a lucrative and easy target for attackers.

Key features:

- User-friendly mobile security for iOS and Android phones and tablets to alert admins and guide users to remediation.

- Phishing protection ensures that users, devices and data are protected against mobile phishing and malicious content.

- Device update alerts identify vulnerable devices, while the Trustd app reminds and guides users to patch their OS.

- WiFi protection to alert users and admins to a compromised WiFi network and active Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

- Device health monitoring supports Zero Trust conditional access and ensures security policy-compliance.

- Unique AI-powered protection against malware and phishing that outperforms other vendors' out-dated detection methods.

- Deep Learning malware detection protects you from modern Android malware, like spyware and Trojans.

- Employee privacy-first design means higher adoption rate, happy employees, and you significantly reduce the risk of a data breach.


For just £2 per month, Trustd's security app for iOS and Android blocks mobile threats before they can harm your business.

Do you need help with finding the right business mobile plan for you? Contact Lister Unified Communications now for expert advice.

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