Will your lifts still be able to make emergency calls after the 2025 BT switch off?

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April 11, 2024
Public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines, on which lift alarms rely, are being discontinued in the UK next year.

It is estimated that there are more than 300,000 emergency lift lines in the UK. All will be affected.

Lister Unified Communications has come up with a compelling IOT based solution for organisations looking to navigate this transition smoothly to an alternative to traditional PSTN-based systems.

Lister’s solution ensures that lift emergency communication systems are not only compliant with new regulations but also provide enhanced reliability and functionality.

Tom Blumsom, Lister's head of IoT, said: "All lifts have a requirement to have an emergency button so if the lift gets stuck or if there's a problem you press the button. That's a legal requirement for all building owners or managers who have lifts.

"When the analogue lines get turned off, those lifts are not going to work for phone calls so our solution is a simple box that instead of plugging a lift phone into a socket you plug it into our box which uses a SIP overlay connected using a multinetwork IOT SIM for connectivity. For everyone I've quoted so far, it's cheaper than the cost of the analogue line per month."

Lister's approach emphasises ease of installation and minimal disruption, ensuring that organisations can upgrade their systems without significantly impacting their operations. This is particularly important in buildings where lifts are crucial for day-to-day activities.

Tom added: "The switch-off of the PSTN network in 2025 presents both a challenge and an opportunity for organisations with lifts. It compels them to upgrade their emergency communication systems but also offers a chance to improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of these systems.

"Lister's IOT solution stands out as a low-cost, effective option for organisations looking to make this transition smoothly and ensure the ongoing safety and convenience of their lift users."

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