The heat is on! The added benefits of using Multi-Network Data SIMs

January 10, 2023
Multi-Network Data SIMs are providing more reliable connectivity, lower costs and greater efficiency, than ever before across the UK, for organisations that rely on connected devices.

Stonehouse-based Lister Communications is helping a variety of companies to get the best out of the latest technology.
One example of this is Kent-based Rapid Energy, a nationwide commercial temporary boiler provider. It designs, specifies and builds its own packaged boilers in-house for emergency and planned hire.
Rapid Energy works as a critical partner to businesses across the UK, providing a 24/7 emergency response service. This requires robust and reliable connectivity.
The company's fleet of packaged boilers use the latest equipment and technology to produce maximum efficiencies for their clients. All of its packaged boilers are equipped with the latest technology, to allow teams to remotely monitor fuel levels and control the temperature of each boiler.
Each packaged boiler built by Rapid Energy requires two-way remote monitoring and management technology. This technology plays an important role in delivering efficiencies with managing fuel and monitoring the performance of each boiler. For its clients, this creates a cost saving, eliminating the necessity for an engineer to attend site for various tasks.
When deploying equipment nationwide, the challenge is to find good internet connectivity. Rapid Energy needs high quality, 4G mobile data connectivity, allowing access over a secure fixed IP, in addition to the very best coverage.

Julien Fougere, CEO of Rapid Energy Ltd

Julien Fougere, Rapid Energy’s CEO, said: “We already knew that normal 'single network' SIMs were going to be inadequate and needed a better solution. We spoke to Lister Communications about their Multi-Network SIMs, and they seemed like an obvious solution.”
Rob Parsons, Rapid Energy’s COO, added: “Rapid Energy is a forward-thinking, ambitious business that wants to build long-term relationships with all the businesses that rely on our critical services.
“We want to work with suppliers that can meet our needs and help us achieve our goals. Lister has been central to helping us with our connectivity solutions.”
Tom Blumsom, IoT specialist at Lister Unified Communications, said: “After understanding Rapid Energy's needs, the Multi Network SIM was the ideal solution. It provides the best chance of connectivity and, by allowing the SIMs to pool their data, it helped keep the costs low. Any help that can keep energy bills lower can’t be a bad thing!”
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