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May 18, 2022
Tomino's Pizza Day

Last week, as an informal get together, Head Chef Tom Lister and Assistant Chef Rob Lister invited all the team to come to a pop-up Pizza stand at the office to enjoy some home-made pizza for lunch. Tom made up all the dough and gathered all the ingredients for the day and enjoyed the cooking duties while Rob toiled rolling the dough, adding the tomato, cheese, pepperoni, ham, thyme and seasoning as requests came in. Over 30 pizzas were cooked for hungry staff with Sam Birch in Mobile Support setting the record for most slices eaten! This was the first gathering since lockdown ended and chance for many of the team who are still working from home to meet up.

Karen Pritchard, in Accounts said ' It was good to see everybody today, and the pizza was delicious, compliments to the chefs!'.

Sales Account Manager Tom Blumsom added 'Thanks for all of your efforts yesterday. The pizza was surprisingly good, much better than Dominos by quite a margin. The thing I really enjoyed most was the social aspect. Being outside on a nice day with my colleagues in a really relaxed atmosphere. Seeing people who I used to chat with most days and realised yesterday, some I hadn’t seen for 2 years!  I enjoyed it much more than I had expected and after such along period of lockdown and social restrictions it was really welcome.

IT Engineer Jason Stanley, said 'Just wanted to say thank you for the great pizza yesterday! Really enjoyed it, and thought it was a great success.'


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