CCTV is so much more than a security tool. It can be used to protect staff and site visitors, manage a site, verify that a site intrusion is genuine and enable an immediate response to any site incident. It can also ensure compliance, prove liability and solve any number of disputes with court admissible evidence.

Ubiquiti is a world-leader in IP Security and manufactures a wide range of security solutions products including static and dome cameras, digital recording and matrix systems, iris recognition as well as a vast array of IP network equipment. The range extends to provide a full system or solution, which can be controlled by front end software.

Our support starts from the specification all the way through to commissioning and maintaining the IP CCTV system. We can perform site surveys to identify the areas of your business that could benefit most, as well as provide guidance on selecting the correct system for your business.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Enhance your security with a Remote Monitoring package from a dedicated 24/7 remote monitoring centre. Linked by IP, round-the-clock monitoring of your sites will add to your peace-of-mind.

CCTV monitoring is a cost effective alternative to a full time security guard that has the additional benefit of recording what it sees, providing accurate data and evidence. To find out how Lister Unified Communications could help your business become more secure, talk to us using the phone number or email address on this page.

IP CCTV Downloads

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