Help is always at hand with our highly experienced Microsoft and Mac trained Engineers. Whether you have a problem right now and want some immediate ad-hoc support or you need something more formal, we have the package for you with responsive and proactive support and management of your IT.

Premium Support

Ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking to outsource their entire IT support – Lister’s premium support service offers a cost-effective way to manage your IT for a fixed monthly fee.

Principle Benefit – A more secure network with reduced risk of cyber-attack

Additional Benefits – Continuous Monitoring,  Known Support Costs,  Reduced Downtime, Improved Hardware Efficiency &  Cost Savings

Premium support includes:

  • Unlimited helpdesk support
  • Enhanced security and web protection  (anti-virus)
  • Proactive network and device monitoring
  • Proactive reporting of server and device performance
  • Regular router and firewall monitoring
  • Regular firmware updates
  • Regular password changes
  • Scheduled external penetration testing of router and firewall
  • Actionable ‘get well’ plans
  • Optional monthly internal security scans
  • Windows updates and security patches applied regularly

Banked Hours

Ensure direct access to our support team with our Banked Hours Package. The fixed amount of hours can be used for tasks, problems and assistance as required. Renew as the hours are utilised.


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