Recommended Tablets

Tablets PC’s are portable touchscreen devices that are now starting to replace laptops as the portable business PC. Tablets are now available from a variety of manufacturers running a multitude of operating systems and business applications. These small, lightweight, powerful devices come with an intuitive Multi-Touch system which lets you use your fingers to navigate the screen fluidly and naturally, easily accessing and controlling applications and Tablet functions. Available with a wifi or 3G connection, popular tablets include the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note, Blackberry Playbook and Windows Surface tablets.

If your business has decided that it’s time to choose a tablet

It’s worth considering what kind of things you are going to use it for. This way you know that you’ll match the right machine to your employee and business needs allowing your business to be more productive when out the office.

The major decisions are:

Which operating system do you prefer?

Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows 8, or something else? If you use Macs in your office then iOS is the obvious choice, however if you run Windows PCs or a combination of the two then you might be better off using Google’s android. If you need to use your desktop applications on the go then Windows Surface tablets have better integration with desktop computers running Windows. Our experts can help you decide which is best for your business and talk you through the pros and cons of each operating system and type of tablet.

How big do you want the screen to be?

The difference between a 10-inch screen and a 7-inch screen may sound minimal, but the latter will slip into your coat pocket while the former will require a bag or a briefcase. 10-inch tablets are great for meetings and presentations, allowing you to share your documents with a group. 7-inch tablets are more portable and generally have better battery life, making them better for working while you commute.

Which features do you need?

Wifi, mobile wireless capabilities or both, which apps for your business and more. Our mobile technology experts can help you pick a list of applications for your business and can recommend the apps which will best boost your productivity. We’re also a supplier office Office 360, allowing you to integrate your desktop and mobile devices when using Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

Data Plans

As a complete unified communications provider we can also provide data plans for tablets allowing you to connect to the internet, even when you don’t have WiFi access. Click here to explore our data plans.

Mobile Device Management

If you are worried or concerned about the security and control of your tablets we offer fully supported Mobile Device Management solutions for tablets.

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