Multi-network data SIM cards

No single network has flawless coverage or service. So when it comes to complex or mission-critical data connectivity solutions, basic SIM cards simply won’t cut it. You need the best connectivity possible—no matter where you are.


Why do I need a multi-network data SIM?

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting on your sofa or being at your office desk and not getting mobile coverage.

But imagine if your company relied on cellular coverage to communicate remotely with machinery or for crucial system maintenance and the network failed.

That’s not just frustrating, that’s a real problem.

At Lister we offer a solution to that problem with our multi-network data SIM.

What is a multi-network data SIM?

It’s exactly as it sounds. It’s a data SIM card that operates on more than one network. It has the ability to connect to three or four mobile networks.

Multi-network SIMs are in a stage of explosive growth, because of the huge number of uses they have.

They are going in everything from taxis, pumps and wind turbines, to CCTV cameras, air conditioning units and alarms. These SIMs allow your business to communicate remotely and get feedback from anywhere. The possibilities are endless.

  • Un-steered SIMs search for the strongest network

    The devices they power will search for the strongest signal with the highest capacity, giving you the best connectivity possible — no matter where you are.

  • Best connection

    Our Multi-network SIMs automatically adapt to their location — so you can say goodbye to hours of planning for multi-site or on-the-move deployments.

  • Availability across the world

    Lister multi-network SIMs cover the UK, the EU and numerous other countries across the globe.

  • End-to-end support

    Lister will create a bespoke SIM package and follow-up with support at every stage.

  • Add ons

    Lister can offer static IP for hosted products, or data aggregation for multi-SIM solutions.

  • Data capping and limit alerts

    Lister will contact you when a SIM is nearing its data limit. When and if your sim has reached its monthly data allowance, it can be stopped or capped to stop any additional charges.

  • IMEI locking

    To ensure other people do not benefit from your SIM, we can lock the SIM card to only work with an individual device IMEI.

  • One sim – one bill – endless options

    Lister offers bespoke tariffs for as short or as long as you need, for any amount of data. Regardless of how many times the SIM switches network, you receive just one bill.

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Lister can build a tariff to suit your specific business needs

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